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Posted 20 hours ago by shabastar

Alesha and her Boyfriend ^-^

Alesha and her Boyfriend ^-^

They had a hotdog eating contest and Alesha won!

Ariana: So who was that?

Alesha: My boyfriend

Ariana: How long have you been dating?

Alesha: Uhh.. 3 months

Ariana: Omg, why didn’t you tell me?!

Alesha: Sorry, I wanted to keep it a secret

Ariana: Whatever

Alesha: So what were going to say before… you know?

Ariana: Oh, do you want to go the summer festival?

Alesha: Sure, let me get changed

Ariana: Do you want to go to-


Ariana: Never mind..

Ariana: So.. Why are you here at 2 am in the morning?

Alesha: I just wanted to visit my best friend.. gosh

Ariana: What do you really want?

Alesha: Um.. I need a place to stay…

Ariana: Why? What did you do this time?

Alesha: My mum kicked me out..

Ariana: …. Fine you can stay

Alesha: Oh my god. Thank you!

Ariana: Alesha?

Alesha: Hi, can I come in?

Ariana: Um… Yeah sure

Oh my god, she is always making this face and she hasn&#8217;t even got the grumpy trait o.o

Oh my god, she is always making this face and she hasn’t even got the grumpy trait o.o

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Posted 1 week ago by shabastar

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